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Advaith Outreaches

The Founder-Chairman has been reaching out to the community since 1994 by sponsoring books and dresses to students of Government schools in Hosur and Denkanikota , conducted mass-marriages, donated to the Indian Army in 1997, helped people establish businesses, among others way before the idea of founding Advaith International Academy in 2010.

Our society is founded and strengthened by the act and power of giving. For Advaith, socially responsible means not only fully satisfying the applicable legal obligations but also going beyond and contributing ‘more’ in human capital, the environment. Advaith School in Hosur is fortunate to work with some of the most socially and environmentally conscious partners in Hosur. Those that we work with, both partner companies and organizations alike are actively engaged in our sustainability efforts and take pride in being involved with a school that is focuses on the triple bottom-line of people, planet, progress. The social initiatives we take continues to empower every soul at Advaith and shines a light on possibilities.

Along the lines of social responsibility, We take responsibility in encouraging our beloved students to find a cause (or causes) meaningful to them and help them make a difference to the planet. We involve our students as much as possible during our initiative, so they feel a deeper sense of belonging to the society and the world and realize their power to make big differences beginning with their small noble acts.

Advaith is truly designed to work the extra mile to fight climate change and that has been able to get to develop a culture where everyone is inspired and motivated to work towards the goals of sustainable development. Advaith is led by conscious leaders. We are aware of our higher purpose and how human complex systems are connected to the global natural world complexity.

Hosur’s traffic police like every other government employees stand under the hot sun, in the rain amidst pollution. With all the love and care, Advaith has sponsored and maintains the traffic police booths in and around Hosur with the interest of Hosur’s Traffic Policers.
Underprivileged students from public schools who have great and incredible academic and sporting potentials are given admissions at Advaith School in Hosur ranging from 75% to 100% scholarship on school fees. At Advaith, they tend to boost the competition, improve the overall school climate and students’, teachers and school performances.
Advaith has taken the responsibility to keep up and maintain round-about and dividers in Hosur with lawn and plants. We water them regularly to increase greenery of Hosur.
In order to encourage and reward deserving students of Government/Public Schools in Hosur and Denkanikota, Advaith has a great interest and pride in rewarding student who finishes Tamil Nadu’s first rank in Grades 10 & 12.
Advaith School in Hosur, takes honour, pride and celebrate our defenders by doing the least we can by contributing money to the Indian Army. We take the initiative to help our soldiers and their families as a small gesture towards the heroic lives and sacrifice for our beloved country. Indian Army is the pride of our nation, they contribute their precious lives of people beyond the battlefield too. “Trees never eat their own fruit. They are always selfless” and therefore the least one can do to show gratitude and respect is to contribute and donate to support the Indian Army. Every teaching and non-teaching staff Advaith across security, house keeping, kitchen, transport, gardening, teachers and administrators willfully contribute and support the Indian Army every month since 2017.
At Advaith, we believe organizations can’t thrive or exist with out social missions. Social responsibility binds and bonds all of us together beyond diversity and borders. Our initiatives go beyond humans and environment; Advaith stands for animals and animal equality. We believe every animal deserves to live and therefore we serve vegan foods at school to minimize our impact on animals of our world. Perhaps, we promote and speak to our senior students on animal compassion and moral rights. Advaith cares and loves every soul on earth regardless of their form and shape. We want to do our best we can for the animal planet. Advaith means one, and we see every being as a reflection and same
Advaith conducts blood donation camp annually with the partnership of Lions’ and Rotaract Club.

Advaith is conscious and aware of the influence and impact our acts, decisions and activities on society and the world results in ethical behaviour which contributes to sustainable development, including the health and well-being of life in our world. Advaith will continue to reach out to nature, animals and people forever!