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The path to Business, Entrepreneurial, Medical, Engineering, Sports, Leadership, Entertainment career begins earlier than we step out of school. Advaith is one of the very few schools in India among CBSE schools to offer professional research program. At Advaith School, we expose our Grade 11 students to 6 months of research on topics of their choice or pertaining to career. Each student is allotted under a teacher-guide that matches the teacher’s profession and qualifications. 11th Standard students who consider to pursue at Advaith are at a higher advantage because of their in-depth knowledge, self-discovery and confidence they gain during the process of research. Research is mostly self-driven and therefore students have the independence and freedom to make best choices for a productive and quality research output under the guidance of their guides. Our research program offers a unique opportunity for Standard XI students to demonstrate their skills in research and pursue the possibility of having their findings published. The research program demonstrates that our students are willing take on challenges and that they thrive amid any level of competition. Their rigorous research journey gives them great advantage in college. The opportunity to have scientific findings presented at school before hundreds of people from diverse fields including scientific community on the VIVA day will fill our students, parents, teachers, school and the society with pride and happiness.

Our research program is a mimic of PhD research with a shorter version which includes creating apps, coding, qualitative analysis and interview based researches.

Engaging students in school level in research has been shown to be beneficial enabling their higher understanding, boost confidence, further sparks deeper interest in pursuing careers in their respective subjects. We help our 11th standard students foster an understanding scientific method and process. Indeed, the latest educational revolution calls for scientific education strives to create changes in the classroom to teach students scientific practices that includes carrying out investigations, analyzing data, and comparative evidences to create and evaluate scientific arguments on what they have found and understood.

Former President of United States Barack Obama suggested that scientists should think of creative ways to engage students to improve student achievement in schools.

For our Grade XI students under our mentorship, their goals and hunger to get deeper in discovering knowledge is the same because it requires the same goal to develop scientific thinking. Our students gain the ability to;

  1. Recognize problems in the real world
  2. Understand different methodologies
  3. Collect, organize and interpret data
  4. Understand how data can be used as solutions to problems
  5. Design codes towards workable results
  6. Make generalizations and assumptions

Each student is unique and we believe every student is a mine that possess all the valuables in them. We help students mine within themselves to contribute for a better world. Research takes away the monotony of classes and becomes a great routine for students that adds greater interest in their academics. Students take help from each other and that improves coordination and relationships among each other.

A copy of their research dissertations are distributed to the student, guide, and the school’s library. Their research dissertation becomes their first self-authored book and that’s a great pride which will go a long way in life inspiring them.

Research For All

Regardless of what a student’s career and academic goals are, they seek out research opportunities to partake at Advaith. Advaith offers Science, Computer Science, Commerce and Humanities and we practice to enable early exposure to research that has several benefits whether they plan on majoring in science, business, or liberal arts!

Viva Voce

The nature of research at the end of determines whether students are eligible to be awarded Research Certificate post daunting and overwhelming 6 months. So, naturally the need for any student is to be as prepared as possible.

Literally, “Viva Voce” means by or with the living voice – i.e., by word of mouth as opposed to writing. So students present, verbally defend and stand up for their research work. Thesis demonstrates students’ skill at presenting their research in writing. In the viva examination, researchers demonstrate their ability to participate in academic discussion with the audience and jury of judges.

  • Defend verbally
  • Demonstrate that the thesis is genuinely reconstructed by them
  • Investigate awareness of where their original work sits in relation to the wider research field
  • Further allows students to clarify and develop the written thesis in response to the judge’s questions
  • Establish whether the thesis is of sufficient high standard to merit the award of research certificate submitted
  • Argue with the research-student
  • Ask to justify content included and excluded
  • Expect student to discuss further scope of research
  • Ask students to justify or provide rationale to their arguments
  • Ask students questions about the wider research context in which the work has been undertaken

Inevitably, thesis will have strengths and weaknesses and the examiners will want to discuss these. It is positive and essential to discuss both the strengths and the weaknesses. They provide our students with opportunity to demonstrate their skill at critical appraisals.

Advaith International school is the first School in Hosur to provide students research experience in par with scope of Masters’! Advaith Reacher Paper below

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