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Parents Committee

The Advaith Parent Committee provides many opportunities for parents to participate in Advaith International Academy. The role of the Parents’ Committee is primarily to further the interests of Advaith School. It strives to help parents and children settle into life at Advaith and ensure everyone is welcomed to the school community.

The Parents’ Committee is open to any parent who would like to offer their time, has a particular skill or social event ideas. We welcome everyone – both mums and dads! Parents’ Committee members are here to assist parents with the general aspects of school life as well as the social side of being part of a school community. Each class has one or two Parents’ Committee representatives keeping parents up to date on the Parents’ Committee activities and generally being a central point of contact for communications.

They are composed of parents/guardians who work in an advisory capacity with the principal and school administration team. The purpose is for all members to work with the school leadership to enhance student learning and development, and to enrich the educational experience of all children by increasing family and community involvement. The committee will provide the means to facilitate cooperation and to articulate the needs and aspirations of the school community. This collaboration will be instrumental in achieving the school’s primary goal – ensuring the best possible learning opportunities for students. This makes Advaith unique and the top school in Hosur.

We create a secure, caring foundation from which pupils feel emboldened to venture out, to explore the world and themselves.

In order to address high absenteeism and lower scores among students, the leadership makes tailored remedies to with the help of teachers and parents to boost attendance and scores. Therefore, by establishing a school culture in Advaith, we believe that the students will be high achievers, and reach these high expectations becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Positive beliefs and high expectations may be the most important factor in high-achieving schools. Not only does it establish a culture of success, but it is also an approach that draws upon a limitless resource. During these difficult economic times, when school budgets continue to tighten, your school’s belief system is the one critical resource that cannot be affected by funding sources or staffing levels.

"There are excellent relationships between teacher and pupils themselves, who are highly supportive of one another"

- A Parent of Advaith

Advaith International Academy is overseen by a Board of Members heavily invested in the school. Our board comes from a range of backgrounds with all being very successful in their fields. This mix of experience is clearly evidenced by the drive and passion they have for success in the school as a community, alongside individual success for our pupils and staff.

Mr. Aswath Naryana is a Bharat Jyoti Awardee in 1994 awarded by Former President of India, Giani Zail Singh. The Chairperson was one of the largest producers and florists in India who exported flowers to the Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore among a few other countries.

The Board of Directors of Advaith allocate high budget towards upgradation and funding on new resources and projects.

What distinguishes Advaith Leadership is :

  • Lead by Example
  • Organizational knowledge
  • Understand the Importance of Building Global Community
  • Create Collaborative, Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Empower Students and Teachers to Cultivate Leadership Skills
  • Building and allocation of resources and make the greatest use of them
  • Professional development
  • Funding and procurement
  • Led by Vision, strategies and plans
  • Highly Passionate About Their Work
  • They are prepared to counter risks
  • They drive extra miles
  • Positive beliefs and high expectations
  • Persevere – Staying with Advaith for a lifetime
  • They Are Lifelong Learners

The Harvard Business Review said: “It takes a real sense of personal commitment, especially after you’ve arrived at a position of power and responsibility, to push yourself to grow and challenge conventional wisdom. Which is why two of the most important questions leaders face are as simple as they are profound: Are you learning, as an organization and as an individual, as fast as the world is changing? Are you as determined to stay interested as to be interesting? Remember, it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts."

While there are no solutions to successful school leadership, there are certain skills, traits, will, guts, strategies, and beliefs that school leadership possess.

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Whoever you are, or dream of becoming, Advaith will inspire your virtues, curiosity, intellect, creativity and passion