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School Band

Advaith School, Hosur has its own band. The students play instruments like Bass drums, Side drums, Snare drums, Bugle, Maracas and Cymbal, Flute and Trumpet. Our band members enjoy and wear their band uniform with pride and joy! The band is led by the band master holding a large baton. It leads the march past during Annual Sports and performs at other important functions of the school.

The mission of Advaith International Academy’s Band is to provide a quality music education to our students. Our goal is to develop quality through our focus on each individual performer. Research has shown that involvement in music activities has long lasting positive impacts on student’s education and intellectual progress. Taking part in marching band, concert band, jazz band, small ensembles, and solo experiences are excellent opportunities that provides students with the life enriching experience of making music. Furthermore, through the band program, students will gain a sense of belonging, teamwork, time management, dedication, self-discipline, leadership, cooperation, and responsibility.

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The band develops a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts within each of our students. In addition, we strive to help students build skills that will allow them to be valuable members of society.

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Band helps students learn :
  • Respect for authority as opposed to fear of domination.
  • An understanding of quality as well as the rewards of quantity.
  • A working wisdom as well as a solid transcript of achievement.
  • Behaviour based on ethics as well as the importance of obeying the rules.
  • An ongoing development of inner peace as well as a workable plan for personal security.

Music is a place for everyone. The study of music actually breaks down societal barriers from race to socioeconomic strata. Music often “reaches” the students who are struggling with their other academic studies. Advanced brain research continues to verify and confirm all brains are “wired for music.” Eric Jensen, research author on brain-based learning, writes, “Music is part of our biological heritage and is hard-wired into our genes as a survival strategy.” Bands performs a crucial role within our school as a whole. Sure, they are part of games, leading cheers and providing timely music, but there is a great deal more. These groups of students and leaders are responsible for creating an exciting and enjoyable spirit throughout our school. Bands are the keepers of the fight song and traditional songs, and are asked to maintain their energy and importance.

Band is also responsible for turning students into active alumni and community members into supporters and celebrators. Through performances of traditional music, bands help alumni recall their “glory days”. It is the energy and song selections that kids turn into fans and students into alumni. And, the visibility and performance quality of the band that draws the community to the school.

The marching band gives students the opportunity to interact and work together with other from various academic pursuits, races, cultures, and backgrounds. For many of these students, marching band serves as a social or creative outlet. But, whether it is at band camp or at a football game, the students are working with others that are different and building quality relationships within Advaith and the public. Band encourages working on tasks in order to meet a deadline. The standards of high achievement and performing in front of thousands and tens of thousands of audience members feels ecstatic and great! One of the band functions is leadership training. Within an ensemble, opportunities for leadership are abound. A student could be a section leader responsible for keeping a small group on task and provide musical or visual instruction at each rehearsal. Others could be drum majors. These students often fulfil administrative tasks like and lead musically from the front side-lines during performances. Advaith band has some level of leadership established, and the opportunities are endless.

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Lastly, many of the students within the marching band are going to be citizens. Through their experience in the ensemble, students learn organizational skills and classroom management. Future citizens are provided laboratory experiences by teaching or creating music and drill for performances. It is more than just a marching band – it is a community of school students keeping spirit alive and energy flowing while learning to be leaders and creators of today and tomorrow!