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Choir is a group of people singing together. Choirs are generally performed as a community music in religious places, schools, fests etc, to bring a community of people together. It generally does it by offering a music service to unite the people of a community who might not typically come together as one. Advaith School in Hosur has its own professional choir teams who are regularly trained throughout the academic year.

In the choir, It is interesting to observe how different voices interacts with each other and how without one set the sound would not be the same and would be lost. It feels like magic when a chorister gets up on stage and how all voices coming together gives an impression that choir is no ordinary place to be in. It is not easy for an outsider to understand the dynamics of a choir. It may appear to be a group of singers singing on an occasion, but in reality, it is far more insightful than this. For a choir to perform well, it requires a lot of trust in the group. The performance of an individual for being in the spotlight is insignificant in a choir. It is all about becoming the part of a whole. It is like a machine where every part has to sync and perform together for it to function properly. It is all about becoming a part of something greater than yourself. It is a team sport which ceases to work if it is made about the individual. While performing for a solo song, at worst you can let down yourself, but in choir there are others who rely on you. You are not just accountable for yourself but also to your team that performs with you by your side. The functionality of a choir allows each member to respect and value the other members and it creates a space inclusive to all.

Choir 1
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It allows the participants to feel a part of the team and grant the sense of confidence that they are as significant to the team as other participants in the choir. It also gives them the opportunity to communicate with other, make friends and grow relationship with others. It not only gives you a confidence, but also makes you a part of community.

Choir can be very taxing, both emotionally and physically. It can easily lose the track if not practised and coordinated well. The practice for the voice to get as high as it does and to sound just as good without losing the tempo is clearly an arduous task.

The environment one gains from a choir provides collective consciousness which binds individuals together and helps in social integration. In Advaith we strongly believe the school is a place where a child must be prepared to face the world. Being a part of a choir develops a character. A character that teaches you the importance of team work.

Just as any other group choir is also a bunch of people who work together and make music in spite of different views, opinions and disagreements. People from different background come together and work on a single objective, allows them to understand one another. One gets to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore learns to help each other grow in confidence. Humans cannot live in isolation. Living in the society with people from different roots cause arguments, misunderstanding, disputes, differences of opinions etc. Advaith provides an environment to a child from the early age where he/she learns to work as a team with different people which makes one more efficient in dealing with people. Needless to say, the society prospers well that coordinates well. It makes you responsible and sincere in the approach as the complete team effort is required to be successful.

Choir 3

A team is what we call a group of people with different but individual skills when join together to achieve a common objective then a synergy is obtained. Not every individual is perfect and therefore one member overcomes the lacking of other member to make the team efficient. The interdependent team understands each other’s behaviour, nature and develop trust on each other. This is exactly how a choir works, where each individual is essential for setting up the musical show. From a musical stand point the life gets enriched by the exposure to different pieces of music and from a social point of view, one gets to learn to work in team by being a part of choir. Just like a team when achieves a common goal, the choir gets rewarded with the magical feeling of singing an impeccable concert. It allows the child to have a strong work ethic, integrity, discipline and encourages the child to join other activities to explore other activities as a part of team to achieve other long- and short-term objectives.