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Montessori Lab

Advaith School in Hosur is a thriving community offering children an authentic, urban, Montessori education. It is believed that the maximum development and growth of a child’s brain is made in the early years. Advaith is pleased to feature Montessori lab which make little kids understand things early as well as easy and make use of various articles in a creative way. The lab possesses engaging assignments that allow students to work at their own pace. We have developed our Montessori lab with all the ultra-modern facilities where our students will be able to view various kind of models. The lab is equipped to foster students of grades Pre-Kindergarten to Grades 2. When they move to Grade 3, they have the basics of learning, the ability to write, the ability to read and the ability to perform the arithmetic operations. They have the freedom to sit in the class in their own way as our only focus is to develop more of their motor skills along with various other skills. In every session, we have one student with one learning material at a time. Specialised products and learning materials, exported from various parts of our country are used in our labs. From gardening tools to flash cards, educational toys including towers, beads, wooden blocks and customised blackboards, and from musical CDs to a small library, we have it all. The Montessori room also has it’s own audio visual!

“We were blown away from our experience at the Lab School from the very first day. Our children couldn’t wait to return each day for more ‘work’ and watching them interact with the beautiful materials was, as a parent, inspiring.”
-Parent of Advaith

Advaith School’s Montessori’s aesthetic is a simple one: calming colours and textures to create a distraction-free environment with no cartoon characters or busy patterns. Children use natural materials in the classroom: wood, glass, metal, fabric, and almost never plastic. We strove to honor this as much as possible to keep it child-friendly. Much of the classroom space is surrounded by shelves, and since children and teachers often work on the floor, we selected friendly neutral carpet tile. The windows in the lab provide loads of natural light and ventilation and strategic pops of branded colours anchor the lab.


A hallmark of Advaith’s Montessori education is its hands-on approach to learning. Children work with specially designed materials, manipulating and investigating until they master the lesson inside. Beautifully crafted and pleasing to be touched, Advaith’s Montessori lab’s distinctive learning materials are displayed on open, easily accessible shelves. They are arranged in order of their sequence in the curriculum, from the simplest to the most complex. Each material teaches a single skill or concept at a time for example; the various “dressing frames” help toddlers learn to button, zip and tie; 3-dimensional grammar symbols help elementary students analyze sentence structure and style. And, built into many of the materials is a mechanism for providing the student with some way of assessing her progress and correcting their mistakes, independent of the teacher. The concrete materials provide passages to abstraction, and introduce concepts that become increasingly complex. Centered around the development of the whole child, our Montessori method instils personal responsibility, critical thinking, resilience, and respect for others, giving children a foundation for learning that will stay with them through their lifetime.

At Advaith School in Hosur has exclusive Montessori Lab, to create a broad community of multicultural and economically diverse families. Because we are believers in the strength of community, we offer continuous parent education and outreach programs so that more children and families can experience the Montessori method. The best way to understand Montessori is to see it in action and we encourage potential parents and members of the community to come and observe. The children interacting with the materials and the hum of the busy learning environment is exceptional to witness.