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The safety of our students is our utmost priority. Advaith School provides transportation for students and staff in and around Hosur. For ensuring safe and smooth to and from commute, we have our fleet of buses designed as per the government norms. Our drivers are experienced and trained in keeping clean and mechanically-sound buses at all times. For supervision and monitoring, a lady attendant is on board throughout the journey. The speed governor is installed in all the buses with a speed limit of 50km/hr. We have installed a navigation system in all the buses to track the delays, over speeding, and change in the route of the buses. Our GPS tracking system ensures that parents are sent an alert as soon as the bus leaves school campus. They can follow the bus route through a live tracking system for any delay or change of route due to traffic. Mobile phones have been provided to the transport staff to ensure better communication in case of emergency. Every bus has a separate first-aid kit. Our staff is well equipped with first-aid skills. Advaith School in Hosur offers over 260 transport pick-up and drop-off points from Attibele to Schoolagiri and Mathigiri to Berikai.

General Guidelines for Transport Facility :

  • The transport facility is an optional service by the school to its students for a safe and comfortable commute.
  • A separate transport fee is charged for this.
  • Students opting for bus facility will be provided with bus no., timings, and pick-up/drop point.
  • Parents should accompany the child during pick-up and drop.
  • Students should reach the boarding point 5 minutes before the scheduled time and should not keep the school bus waiting.
  • Students are not allowed to board the buses other than the number allotted to them.
  • A request for a change in the boarding points shall be given in writing by the parents.
  • The child will not be allowed to get down at the drop point, in the absence of a parent or the person in waiting to take the child is unknown. In such a case, the child will be taken back to the school and the parent will be informed.
  • For further inquiry and details, parents can contact the transport department.

Parents’ responsibilities :

All children should also be :

  • It is parents’ responsibility to make sure that your child gets to and from the pick-up and drop-off points safely. Parents are responsible while children are waiting for the transport to arrive and after they have left the vehicle at the end of the school day.
  • We ask that all pupils are waiting at the bus stop 10 minutes before the vehicle is due to arrive. We also ask that children wait for 20 minutes after the bus is due, in case the vehicle has been delayed due to traffic. We keep our parents informed about any delays we know of and the bus can be tracked on SkoolBeep.
  • If your child misses the arranged transport in the morning you must make your own arrangements to get them to school. If your child attends an after school club or is unable to use the transport at the end of the normal school day, you must make your own arrangements to get your child home. This includes after school detentions.
  • Even if your child travels on their own in a taxi / auto, you must still make your own arrangements if they are staying late at school, because we only schedule transport at the end of the normal school day.

Report a problem or incident with school transport :

It is really important that we know about any problems with school transport, such as a vehicle running early or late, if a vehicle fails to operate and any behaviour issues. We only know about a problem if we’re told about it. Please give us specific details so that we can discuss any issues with Transport Manager, bus driver and conductor. If you prefer, you can tell us anonymously. We will deal with all matters reported to us in confidence.

Call us to report on: 8610559741 / 6385448140 / 8792401404

01Behavioural protocol
A clear system of advice, rules and guidance, designed to make sure that poor behaviour is dealt with consistently, fairly and effectively
We aim to have all drivers trained to effectively manage by avoiding conflict and dealing with any problems effectively
We invite people from Police, Traffic Police and RTO to have our Transport Manager, drivers and conductors trained to drive safe and effectively report problems
All our busses have CCTV installed. Although this does not stop trouble, it provides a reliable and objective ‘witness’ to events, helping to identify culprits and exonerate those who are innocently involved
Our busses are supervised by teachers plying in the same bus

Behaviour on school transport :

We want to provide school transport that is safe and stress-free for all students and teachers. One of the major worries that parents have is that poor behaviour on school transport. We take this very seriously to overcome concerns. We spend a lot of time working with transport related people to make sure any problems are dealt with effectively.

If you know about a behavioural problem on school transport, please contact us immediately.

Report property left on our busses :

If your child has left property on bus, please call: 8610559741 / 6385448140 / 8792401404 immediately to arrange collection the child’s belonging.


Vehicle safety and driver training for school transport :

All our busses used to transport children are subject to rigorous safety checks throughout the year and all drivers and conductors attend our driver training seminars.

Where necessary a passenger assistant will be provided to help children. All drivers and passenger assistants are also certified by Hosur Regional Transport Office (RTO). We continually monitor the safety of the vehicles we use, including passenger loadings and behaviour, and pick-up and drop-off points. All vehicles used for school transport are checked by RTO as part of a rolling programme of unannounced spot-checks at schools with the Driver, RTO and the police.

Driver and Passenger Assistant Training :

All drivers and passenger assistants are certified before they can transport children. All drivers and passenger assistants transporting pupils with special educational needs attend our training for passenger care, emergency aid, child protection and behaviour management. They also get support visits from school management.

If you would like more information about vehicle safety or the driver training programmes we run, or if you have any concerns you would like to discuss, please contact us.