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Origin is a weekly program introduced to help our children be able to name elements we generally cannot but we see normally around us. For example, how many of us can name all the elements present in our very kitchen, or elements that we use on a daily basis? It’s not at all surprising. A class chooses a topic and each student is allocated a sub-topic. Origin is no different from an exhibition. They are one and the same but on a smaller scale!

Origin will give each class a topic who will research with the assistance of teachers. Students can either bring articles or use pictures and models during their presentation for better understanding and memory retention. This will see off grades Pre K.G. to grades 12 on a weekly rotation. For example, when Grade 12 is conducting the Origin Fest, the rest of the classes beginning from Grades 3 to 11 attend the fest, interact with class 12 hosts, understand and learn about the same topic. This fest will also ensure each student gets to interact with over 850 students and teachers in just one day. As a result, students’ vocabulary, social interaction, soft skills, socialization, confidence, cooperation, unity, and inter-personal skills boost up among many other skills.

Origin is the fusion process of teaching and learning. The purpose of education or for that matter of teaching is installing new beliefs, habits, information, and knowledge. Although books are a major source of information and learning, yet to develop new beliefs and habits by just reading and cramming a few books is just not possible. The education world including the teachers, are always on their toes searching the new and productive methods of teaching and learning process. Apart from the theoretical knowledge the education system also aims to develop social skills and soft skills among the students. There are various methods to involve students in learning and various modes to evaluate teachers as well as students in the teaching-learning process. Advaith Origin is a wonderful fest that caters to these entire requirements at the same time.

The purpose of Origin is one of the best ways in the teaching-learning process which takes hard work of many days and in return develops the competitive spirit among the young generation.

The Concept of Origin also brings reforms at three levels:

  1. Community-based
  2. Project-based
  3. Proficiency-based

A student is required to have the following qualities to successfully participate in an exhibition:

  1. Happy and positive attitude
  2. Patience is accepting the queries
  3. Confidence and firmness
  4. Complete knowledge about the model or the project
Origin 1
Origin 2

Process and Need During Origin Fest

  • Selecting a topic and subject
  • Individualizing / making a team
  • Observing and gathering information
  • Finding the key challenges
  • Drawing a plan
  • Finding the solution
  • Dividing the duties
  • Working on plan
  • Making exhibitable model
  • Review and make sure it works properly
  • Practice speaking about the product and its functioning
  • Exhibit at Advaith Origin

During Origin, our students get a chance to apply or do the practical aspect of the things that they have learned from the classroom. These are real opportunities for the students to easily implement the things that they have learn from classrooms.

There are many students who always try to implement the things that they learn and they find Origin a great way to showcase what and all that they have tried. It is always good to give the students a chance for implementing the things that they have learned and also to apply their ideas and present things differently in their own unique way.

Origin 3
Origin 4

For preparing science exhibits, astronomy, math and geography exhibits, students need to make the best use of their creativity. It is not enough to just tell or write what they know, but it is essential for the kids to present what they know in the best possible way. Being creative and doing things should be promoted so that our students use their capabilities and skills in such a way to choose the best method to represent the things that they have learn. It is always good if the students spend some time for the purpose of making the things in such a great way possible.

Students are so much enthralled and excited about Origin, we found another great way of finding out their talents and interests. It is not enough for the students to learn the lessons from the textbooks, but they should be given adequate space and time for letting the inner talents get a platform to be showcased.

Our teachers support our students in presenting something that they have learned in the most beautiful manner. There are certain benefits of organizing such Origin at Advaith. Students get a platform to show what they have learned and what they are good at, as well.