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Universal Citizen’s Fest

Race and ethnicity are important factors that shape the academic, social, and professional experiences on campus. Although the racial and ethnic diversity of Advaith International Academy has been increasing, the campus community as a whole remains relatively homogenous. One reason is that efforts to enhance the pipeline of students at primary and secondary levels preparing for higher education have been well-meaning, but sporadic and limited. As a nation we have come a long way in terms of inclusiveness.

Ethnic day at school encourage students of various diversity to dress as per their tradition and culture on a given day. This will help students to understand and acknowledge various other cultures and traditions. Ethnic day is a way to extinct stigmas, disparities and stereotypes.

Purpose of Diversity Fest

  • Respect pupil of various culture and race
  • Learn about other cultures
  • It’s in our national interest
  • Race-neutral policies are detrimental to the next generation
  • Diversity is our strength
  • Simply because diversity is colorful and beautiful.
Universal Citizen Fest