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Advaith’s Basketball programme’s ideal and proven balance of challenging academics and on-court expert instruction has led to unprecedented team and individual accolades as well as recognition. We guide our student-athletes across every team to achieve their greatest potential while emphasizing player development and professional preparation. Each student-athlete is surrounded by a support team inclusive of experienced coaches, academic teachers, guest coaches, and more. Advaith’s Basketball players experience an atmosphere that closely mirrors the intensity and schedule of a university program. Offering various levels within the program based on age, Advaith School’s basketball program is structured to support and challenge individuals while providing them with a platform to achieve their goals on and off the court. Advaith School in Hosur offers the best Basketball coaching in a professional manner.

“Advaith is Tremendously Successful in Balancing between Sports & Games and Academics for Boys and Girls”

We have a three-fold Objective :

  • To build sports ecosystems from the ground up. We look to build a wide base of recreational players, from which the best are chosen to play competitive sport.
  • To introduce the best international practices to our training sessions across India. This is achieved by employing international coaches to work with our team of coaches and develop them to execute international quality of coaching.
  • To build a community of basketball players who have easy and regular access to high- quality coaching, leagues, camps and tournaments. Pitch opens doors to children who have the desire and ability to pursue their basketball dream and compete at the highest levels.

What We Do (The 3 C’s)

  • We have highly qualified and certified coaches in our team
  • Regular training programmes are facilitated for coaches to ensure upskilling
  • A constant evaluation of coaches guarantees top quality at all times
  • Every single session is planned by international experts
  • New and detailed plans are written every week for all ages and ability groups
  • All plans are dynamic, bearing in mind the progress of each group
  • Regular leagues and tournaments are conducted across academies
  • Domestic and international tours are initiated during school vacations and long


  • Selection of high-performance players for the prestigious inter-club tournaments

Our Safety Regulations

  • All our programmes are conducted in secured gated premises with an assigned security guard to maintain a register of visitors
  • Our coaches leave the premises only after each child is picked up by their parent or guardian
  • All our coaches are trained in first aid and medical kits are available at each center
  • Every coach possesses the emergency contact number for each child in their respective academy
  • Thorough background checks are conducted for each member of our team on a regular basis
  • Medical conditions (if any) of each child are recorded and precautions taken accordingly


  • Only Certified Coaches as trainers
  • Special sessions on the basic and advance rules of the game
  • Exposure to basketball tournaments which takes place in INDIA


We believe that basketball should become No. 1 sport among youngsters and adults. This is the goal we have been pursuing since our establishment in 2019.

01Qualified Coaches
Our club has a team of qualified basketball coaches that take care of your success. Whether you are a beginner or a professional at basketball, our coaches will support you at the every step.
We also offer professional basketball coaching services for children and teens. Our club has various children’s sections available for kids aged 6 and higher to enjoy basketball.
Teamwork is one of the main principles that we pursue at Basketball Club. Basketball is a game based on quick reaction and teamwork and that’s what we train at our club.

Advaith intends to help students get placed in universities via Sports Quota.


Foster Students to International Games


With a sense of structured independence, we want to let student-athletes take ownership of their life here at Advaith. While they are making these independent choices, our support team is there to provide structure and help them make the right decisions.

  • Personal growth
  • Health and wellness
  • Career planning
  • Responsibility
  • Peer-to-peer interactions
  • Adaptability
  • Organization and time management


Outwork and outlast the competition with Advaith School in Hosur. Our team of performance experts will design a program, that supplements your sports training, to help you reach your optimal physical shape.

  • Strength and power
  • Speed, agility, and movement
  • Endurance conditioning
  • Flexibility, balance, and core


We mentally train to help our athletes develop a high-performance mindset to help them build the confidence, focus and determination to train and compete at their best on any given day.

  • Mental toughness
  • Awareness
  • Energy management
  • Thought management


Advaith plants leadership hearts using proprietary techniques to develop leaders with better communication skills, conversational skills, accountability, character building and personal presence.

  • Effective communication
  • Media training
  • Developing identity
  • The power of collaboration
  • Interview skills
  • Building team culture
  • Authentic leadership


At Advaith School, we understand how important it is for athletes to fuel their bodies to meet their high-level lifestyles and sport demands. Our Nutrition program educates and provides our athletes with the right tools so that they’re ready to compete at home, or out on the road.

  • Optimal everyday nutrition
  • Dietary supplements
  • Energy balance
  • Body composition and framework
  • Athlete eating plans
  • Nutrient intake and timing
  • Hydration strategies
  • Body weight issues


Vision training is not just about seeing – it’s about doing. Athletes will train the eyes to perform more quickly and efficiently through eye muscle and visual system development.

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Reaction time
  • Peripheral vision
  • Depth perception
  • Vision strength


Advaith School educates and helps athletes to keep their bodies healthy during their demanding training and competition schedules. Our team of performance experts promote optimal training and help to decrease the chance of injury in our athletes.

  • Athletic training
  • Corrective exercise work
  • Sports therapy evaluation
  • Physical therapy
  • Regeneration massage
  • Education on injury management
  • Teamwork

Advaith School in Hosur promotes athletic progression, character development, and holistic personal development. Our goal is to help you reach our children’s full potential in sport and life, while preparing them to take on all of life’s challenges.

The greatest part about Advaith school is, we ensure a great deal of balance between academics and sports professionalism with additional academic tutoring, tests to help our student-athletes make great dividends in academics as well as Badminton.

Come on in and join our team!