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Sports Scholarships

Chairman’s Sports Scholarship

Most schools focus on academics and ignore sports and games. Sports has several physical, mental, emotional, spiritual benefits. Sports and Games have the power to establish careers and bring limelight to the athlete and the nation! Advaith loves sports and games as much as academics. We open up gates academics, sports and games and performing arts to reach the pinnacle of life.

Advaith’s Sports Scholarships are some of the highest scholarships in India among schools. There are less than one percent of schools offering sports scholarships for students. However, Advaith offers extravagant and pricey scholarships for student-athletes because they deserve and sports deserve importance and significance. We at Advaith drop high focus lights on all sports and games. Sporting Chairman’s Scholarship for Advaith students irrespective of grades who finish top three positions in India or International Championships recognized by the respective sporting bodies.

Position International National
Gold Medal 20,00,000 10,00,000
Silver Medal 15,00,000 7,00,000
Bronze Medal 10,00,000 5,00,000


The purpose of The Chairman’s Sports Scholarship is to provide financial rewards to students of Advaith School in Hosur in their pursuit of the achievements in sports and Games. Sports scholarships reward the hard work and skill of students and provide them further opportunity to shine higher. At the core, Advaith financially assist students who have met prerequisites by winning National or International Championships and show potential for further success. Sports Scholarships are so much more – they are the key to a better future for the student-athlete and their loved ones at Advaith School in Hosur!


Go Beyond Limits: in line with these principles of Advaith supports our students with outstanding sporting talents who can be expected to make an exceptional contribution to society, India and the World. Driven by curiosity, a thirst for athleticism, they demonstrate excellence in their sporting ambitions. They take responsibility for and engage with possibilities that go beyond their expectations and beliefs.

“Advaith is Tremendously Successful in Balancing between Sports & Games and Academics for Boys and Girls”



Chairman’s Sports Scholarships covers the following Sports and Games only :


The Sports Scholarships are applicable, valid and recognize those tournaments conducted and hosted by Indian and Global Sports Governing Bodies only.

In the first year since its inception in 2018, Advaith’s Under-17 Boys’ Volleyball Team finished second in in the CBSE National Volleyball Championship that had over 1000 teams participate in the clusters in 2019.


It goes without saying that coaches are much more than athletic team leaders. Advaith coaches are vital to student-athlete’s growth and therefore we play an influential role in multiple aspects of our student-athletes. Since the competition is fierce, our coaches give their athletes every available, and legal, advantage enabling them to thrive through ceilings! Earning an Advaith’s Sports Scholarship could bring them and their family above the poverty line, so it’s no laughing matter.

Our coaches focus on;

  • One-athlete one-sport focus
  • High level competitions
  • Statistics and achievements
  • Well-rounded personality

Student-athlete support

When you hear the term “student-athlete” at Advaith,, one word should spring to mind: perks!

Many student-athletes come from low-income households but have great potentials to represent India in the future. These students are given financial assistance if they can prove to work with dedication and commitment to put themselves, their parents, school and the nation on top of the world. For some, an athletic scholarship means the difference between success or homelessness. The economic imbalance isn’t easy to discuss and so Advaith assists new generations with equalization which is a priority for academic and athletic programs. With several qualified and reputed coaches at Advaith, we can spot potential in anyone and help them seize opportunities, like athletic scholarships, that can entirely change their lives and their families’.


If you have won states or national tournaments or have the potential to be so, you can approach us for fee waiver and be admitted to Advaith on Sports Merit. We would be happier to welcome you with cheers to Advaith School in Hosur.

Get admitted to Advaith on Sports Merit basis by following the seven main steps :

01Start early in life :
It goes without saying, the earlier you start preparing for admission process, the better.
Collect all of your certificates, medals and achievements and come to us.
Mail your academic and sports achievements to; banu@advaithacademy.ac.in
Always be on your best behaviour on and off the field. You never know when you got our coaches watching you and showing bad sportsmanship or being rude can jeopardise your chance of getting admitted to Advaith.
Eventually, you’ll need to meet your prospective coaches and help them know you got what it takes to be one of the best sportspersons in India.
You may also be invited to Advaith on an official or unofficial with your parents.
Advaith expects its student-athletes irrespective of sports merit to maintain 60% + in academics and always at best behaviour and discipline to be able to stay off the bench and on the field. Contradictions with good conduct may lead to suspension from sports, sports merit and scholarships!


Only Advaith Students are eligible for Chairman’s Sports Scholarships.

Many Thanks

Sincere thanks to our generous Chairman for inducting Sports Scholarships to propel our student-Athletes to be the best! It’s a wonderful example of how individuals can have a real and lasting impact on their lives and their following generations.

We thank our coaches for their determination and commitment towards student-athletes in the journey of helping our students achieve Scholarships. We thank our parents who endlessly promote and support our student-athletes to debut in the 6 Sports Scholarships as listed above. Many thanks to our students and their fandom friends for unwavering spirit they show towards sports and games at Advaith and away competitions. Sports work is hard work but once they step out, they step in to stadiums with fans cheering! Advaith dreams and will work our way out for our student-athletes!

Bring your sporting ambitions to stadiums here at Advaith School.