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Today’s high school system’s experience pressure several sides. Curriculum changes, technological advances, personnel shifts obstruct the educational landscape and can obscure the fundamental needs of our country’s youth that our educational system was built to meet and realize. However, while classroom time is vital to our students’ success, we must remember that the experience of the classroom setting alone doesn’t develop the well-rounded character and fortitude necessary for an individual to succeed in this changing world.

Extracurricular activities that provide environments beyond the classroom in which our students can grow and develop are vital to their success, and no extracurricular opportunity available to our students today can match the proven benefits that involvement in inter-house and inter-school sports provides. Hence, Advaith hosts several Inter-House sports tournaments throughout the academic year. Over 1270 students participate in our inter-house sports and some of our athletes participating in two events! Besides, Advaith also congregates Inter-School tournament annually inviting schools from Hosur and Bangalore. The first tournament; Advaith Sports Championship in 2019 – 2020 witnessed over 1400 students participating across Football, Volleyball and Basketball in the boys’ and girls’ categories. Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward than just winning medals and trophies. Competitions offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, exhibit and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal and team capacity. Sports tournaments also encourage students to adopt newer techniques, strategies and develop along.

“Did you know? Our students conduct and organize major parts of the tournaments and they are shareholders of the tournaments!”


The objective of Advaith’s Inter-house and inter-school sports championships are to provide an enrichment of high school experiences to students. Other reasons are to sow seeds of citizenship, teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, respect, and health and welfare of students not beyond school years and continue into adulthood.

Advaith’s Inter-school and Inter-House tournaments have the following benefits :

  • Improving teamwork and collaboration
  • Enhancing social and emotional learning
  • Increasing intrinsic motivation
  • Internal skills for handling pressure
  • Teaches how to lose well/deal with disappointment
  • Builds camaraderie and teamwork
  • Enhancing beneficial peer comparisons
  • Building mental toughness
  • Learning when to take risks
  • Provides better quality of life time management skills
  • Improves risk analysis
  • Encourages higher standards of achievement
  • Builds discipline
  • Facilitating holistic growth
  • Realize one’s own potentials
  • Foster academic success
  • Creativity in finding ways to improve
  • Strong focus and concentration development
  • Taking responsibility for individual performance

By participating in inter-school sports competitions, students learn to get along with their fellow teammates and make more friends with students from within and other schools. They don’t just share their learning experience but also enhance their communication and interpersonal skills. As a result, joining inter-school sports competitions helps them to develop essential skills. Besides, by joining sports events, students improve their fitness and stamina. In fact, doctors always suggest people do more exercise in order to stay healthy as well as to keep themselves strong and vigorous. A fit and healthy body would definitely help to improve concentration. Students relieve stress and improve their mental health. Sports help improve academic performance by many-folds. Memory span could be enhanced after doing sports.

Advaith ensures several teams participate under the same age category in the same sport to ensure most of our students gain experience.

Besides for the student community, Advaith School also organizes Hosur Corporate Sports Championship annually and witnesses about 1500 employees from 35 companies across Hosur and Bangalore. The tournament is held on Sundays and goes on for 3 months and is concluded by a mega Awards ceremony in the evening! Hosur Corporate Championship is a fabulous celebration for corporate employees to enjoy and relive regardless of their age, ability or level of fitness. Sports and games must be an integral part of life because they promote health and wellbeing and Advaith truly believes in well-being and health of every individual.

The Hosur Corporate Championship is a fantastic sports event designed to deliver unrivalled experiences for staff involved. Hosur Corporate Championship has a number of benefits for you and your employees and some of them are :

  • Discover individual and team strengths and fortes
  • Bond your organization through sport, health, fitness and fun
  • Build employee efficiency, confidence and loyalty
  • Boost productivity at workspace
  • Create real “esprit de corps” and integrate management and
    workforce at every level
  • Improve leadership skills, work engagement, work culture, work
    climate, state of mind and illness prevention
  • Enhance awareness of the company name, product, service, or
    presence in the community
  • Develop contacts with leaders and representatives of
    multinational businesses
  • Reach new clients, new business and new customers through Hosur Corporate Championship
  • Cheer your team on to success

Hosur Corporate Championship benefits participants and organizations improve team building, brand promotion, workplace health and wellbeing, increased productivity, staff networking, new business leads, healthy break from work, friendships, celebrations, fitness and fun!

01Hosur Corporate Championship Trophy
Company with the highest points across all games wins Hosur Corporate Championship Trophy (rolling)
1st place will be awarded winning trophy (rolling) across all games
Team that adheres to team spirit, discipline and good sporting behaviour
Best player across all positions of each game
Will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions
Will be awarded to participants and winners
Takeaway memento for all participating teams