Welcome to Advaith International Academy


At Advaith, alumni and alma-mater are not two different entities but are one and the same. Advaith values all of its community members; students, parents and faculty who have been a part of the Advaith community be it for a year are considered alumni. Throughout their lives our students feel a sense of identity with Advaith. The formative years of childhood spent at Advaith – it is where they meet their new friends, embrace mutuality and commonalities, teach, learn, unlearn and relearn, build memories for each other, and are inspired by teachers and learn about a world beyond their experience.

We harness the power of alumni through various networking platforms across our school website, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram etc. by creating their alumni groups and profiles on them. Regardless of age, Advaith’s alumni will continue to be our brand-ambassadors. As time grows, our relationship gets stronger and positive with our alumni. They are officially invited on Advaith Annual Sports Championship and Advaith Concert and Awards Night besides the school being open to our beloved alumni 365 days a year! Likewise, our alumni community have realised that it’s not just a mere nostalgia that they associate their alma-mater with, but it’s life and much beyond that.

“Our students have an additional home at Advaith open to them 365 days”

Advaith understands the power of our alumni, we see invite them over to speak and inspire our children frequently. In engaging with alumni, we seek to cultivate well informed and committed ambassadors who can come back and share experiences with students, act as the school’s advisers by sharing their expertise, and cultivate support from fellow alumni to strengthen the Advaith community. We continue to develop innovative ways to get them engaged constantly at Advaith past their graduation at Advaith School in Hosur. As vital stakeholders, the Advaith provides alumni with opportunities to build networks and attend exclusive alumni events, as well as continued access to Advaith throughout the calendar year.

“Once a Patriot. Always a Patriot”

Catching up with friends always heightens the excitement quotient for many. Every year when we host our alumni, the degree of happiness gets doubled! It’s an occasional opportunity for our alumni students to share their unforgettable experiences and a few cranky ones too, going around the classrooms and walking down the memory lane. Alumni go a long way and Advaith leaves an everlasting impact on students as they have fond memories of learning and unlearning things during their school days. They never forget their teachers who took enough care to teach both subjects and values at Advaith.

Advaith and our alumni have the capacity to work together to mutually benefit each other and to contribute to the existing students at the School. We are experienced in courting our alumni so that they contribute to the existing and future students in a variety of ways. Alumni are a valuable resource to our society in a multitude of ways. We have overarching responsibility and rely on our alumni to organise events and other activities. Our old teachers are invited because our alumni students love catching up with their favourite teachers. It is rewarding for our teachers to see how their students have grown and developed, knowing they have contributed.

Our alumni are invited to major academic year programmes. Advaith is what our alumni have in common and therefore plays a central role in ensuring that alumni keep in touch with what is happening at Advaith and within our alumni community.

Our alumni return to us to coach students in sports, debating or academic work. They act as role models for existing students, and inspire them to achieve. If a student is having difficulties in behavioral or academic, our alumni act as mentors and coaches. The bond only gets stronger!

The schools you attended as a young person are woven into your adult identity. It is unusual to find an adult who is not proud of the Schools they attended – regardless of the type of School or its reputation. Past students have the potential give back to the School more than they have taken.

Advaith and 365 days are the common place and time respectively for our alumni to  meet and bring back the nostalgia! We take pride and honour to welcome and help enable them feel the alma-mater that belongs to them.