Welcome to Advaith International Academy

Code of Conduct

Schools are a place of learning and we embrace this place of learning as a temple, church, mosque, monastery and synagogue. Advaith expects all its students to be absolutely respectful, kind, polite, loving, compassionate and practice them throughout life.

Advaith School in Hosur ensures a safe, caring and orderly climate are the foundation for our successful learning environment. Our Code of Conduct supports socially responsible behaviour and allows members of Advaith school community to be fully informed of common expectations for student behaviour.
Students are expected to attend all of their classes on time. Teachers record attendance on a daily basis. Missed classes mean missed learning! Full attendance is essential to school success. Students who miss classes will be responsible for making up the missed learning time.
Students are expected to refrain from any act, including verbal or written comments, that disrupts the good order of the school. Jokes or pranks that may be seen as a threat to security and safety will be addressed as a serious issue. “I was just kidding” is no defence once the damage is done.
The school environment should be neat and litter-free. We ask all students to look after their litter by putting it in the nearest garbage can or recycling container.
Photographing people at school or at school functions using still or video cameras can be a privacy issue and should not be done without appropriate permission.
Students are expected to be in classes on time. Late is a type of absence and interferes with learning. Frequent tardiness may result in teacher and Principal intervention to make up for the missed learning time.
Students will park in assigned spots in the area designated for student parking and will display a valid school parking permit (where applicable). Students are not to be in or around parked vehicles during class time. Driving with undue care may result in a suspension of parking privileges.
Language used by all members of the school community should be respectful, humble, kind and polite. Any communication that is disrespectful or demeaning to others, including lying, inappropriate or profane language, is unacceptable.
Advaith promotes peace and is strictly against weapons. Students who bring weapons/explosives to school are subject to suspension from school and will adhere to Indian laws. Weapon replicas may also be considered as weapons and will be dealt with accordingly. Laser pointers are prohibited.
School is nothing less than a place of worship. Students and their parents are expected to support a learning environment where attire is appropriate. Articles of clothing that promote alcohol, drugs, inappropriate language or racism, or that are too revealing are not permitted. Students wearing such clothing will be asked to go home and change if they do not have suitable clothing to present at school.
Students are expected to take good care of textbooks or school resources signed out in the student's name. There should be no damage to school resources, property or equipment. If such damage creates an expense to the school, then the student who does the damage will be expected to reimburse the school for costs.
Advaith strictly bars bringing of cell phone to school, however, on parents’ request, students must come along with a written consent by parents and be submitted along with the phone at the office. Students shall not have phone in their possession during school hours. Bringing unauthorised personal electronic devices may result in confiscation by the school. The school will not be responsible or liable for lost, stolen or missing electronic devices.
The daily endeavour of students, and all school activities, should take place without interference or disruption. Students who encourage, support or promote acts of intimidation, harassment or violence either by direct action or by spectating are subject to school disciplinary action. This can include activities that occur during or after school hours, on or off school property.
We expect members of the student body to respect school and personal property. Students are responsible for any damage done to other people's property and will be charged for replacement or repair. Students should also respect the property and rights of the people who live in the neighbourhood of the school or those people we come in contact with through our many off-site activities.
All staff (teaching and non-teaching) have a general supervision responsibility during school time and at our school functions, whether on formal duty or not, and students are required to comply with this authority. School rules apply at all school functions even when they occur off school grounds or outside of the regular school day. Students are also reminded that they may be held responsible to the school from the time they leave home before school until the time they arrive home after school.
The school has the responsibility to advise parents of unacceptable behaviour demonstrated by the student. We expect that parents and the school staff will work together to bring about a change of behaviour and that efforts will be made in this regard. In some cases, parents of a second party (e.g. a victim) will also be contacted and informed of an investigation into another student's conduct.
As students move through their years in secondary school, they are expected to assume increasing responsibility and self-discipline. Students will be given numerous opportunities to participate in making decisions and to work on committees and in groups to improve the school community and environment. Students are expected to take on more of a leadership role and to serve as role models as they move through the graduation years. As such, there will be increasing consequences for inappropriate behaviour.
Every student, regardless of peer group, has the right to feel safe at school. Any acts of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, threats of any type (physical, emotional, verbal or sexual, including bullying, cyberbullying, physical violence, or retribution against a person who has reported an incident) are unacceptable. The following acts are considered as bullying and intimidation;
1. Do not encounter each other physically / mentally / emotionally
2. Do not intimidate others to do things for you
3. Do not tease / rag / abuse other
4. Do not exchange valuable gifts
Individuals have the basic right to be in a learning environment free of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, E-cigarettes and vapourizers. They have the responsibility not to be in possession of, under the influence of, or involved in providing to others: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, E-cigarettes and vapourizers at any time at school or during any school function or off school. Students are strictly advised to refrain from using these. Smoking anything is not permitted in the school building, on the school grounds, in the neighbourhood of the school or at any school function. The school shall take severe actions that can result in the suspension or dismissal of the student.
Students are expected to present their own work in class and homework assignments. Advaith encourages students to embrace their creativity and respect others’ works and not indulge in plagiarism. The working definition of plagiarism is “using another person's work and presenting it as your own”. Plagiarism is a form of cheating, and could be in the form of written, visual, audio, or other media. If another person's ideas are used, credit must be given in the form of a citation. Plagiarism will result in consequences determined by the teacher and/or administration and may include loss of marks for the assignment.
School computers and internet resources, used carefully and wisely, can provide important avenues of learning for students. Inappropriate uses of Internet communications including the sending of threatening or harassing comments or cyberbullying are unacceptable. Any incidents will be addressed as a very serious issue. Students will engage in appropriate curricular behaviour when using the district network. Students will only publish their own personal information if related to curricular activities and parent/guardian consent is given. Students will not publish other people's personal information. For example, name, location, phone number, images, video, work, username, or other personal information
Advaith is guided by the following four aspects of Social Responsibility;
• Contributing to the classroom and school community
• Solving problems in peaceful ways
• Valuing and embracing diversity
• Exercising rights and responsibilities
All members of Advaith school community shall not discriminate against others on the basis of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, family or marital status, physical or mental disability, age, sex or sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or for any other reason or display anything that would indicate an intention to discriminate against another, or expose them to contempt or ridicule on the basis of any such grounds. All reasonable steps will be taken to prevent retaliation against anyone who has made a complaint of a breach in the Code of Conduct.
Students are expected to inform a staff member of incidents of bullying, harassment and intimidation as well as of any knowledge related to possession of weapons or illegal substances. Any student who is involved in, observes, or knows about an emergency situation at school, or at a school function, should contact the nearest staff member as soon as possible to report the details of the event. In these cases, the staff will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation against a student who has reported a breach in the Code of Conduct. Students may report incidents anonymously on-line by accessing the <> site, available under the student link on the school website, or by completing an anonymous reporting form found on the office counter. School Administrators will review these reports day-to-day and do everything possible to bring to the table immediately.
Range of Interventions: Regardless of the nature or location of unacceptable behaviour, the following is a range of interventions and consequences that may be used at Advaith School in Hosur. School staff will take into consideration safety plans, or any other pertinent documents.
• On-the-spot conference or redirection
• Follow-up meeting between the student
• Contact with parent or guardian
• Restitution, including a logical remedy for the problem (e.g. paying for damage wilfully caused) and supporting anyone who is a victim or who suffers as a result of the student's actions
• Supportive intervention and/or service to school
• Additional time for the student with the teacher, at the office or at tutorial/learning support
• Referral to counselling, administration, and/or community support services
• Suspension, including in-school or out of school


  1. Refrain from speaking and maintain silence throughout assembly
  2. Keep to the left, walk in line and in height order from the class to the assembly and vice versa
  3. Stand class wise and in height order
  4. Late comers stay back and in separate line
  5. Disperse back to class in line with silence along with your class teacher / in-charge teacher
  6. Class responsible for the assembly performance must be present on the stage at least 5 minutes early


  1. Do not hurt anybody deliberately
  2. Do not sit in the class during games period
  3. Sports equipment must be handled with care
  4. Do not take any equipment without the knowledge of PT teacher
  5. In case of any emergency, report to PT teacher
  6. Do not litter the playground

During Activities

  1. Follow the instructions given by the instructor
  2. Maintain voice level as per the voice-o-meter
  3. Use the given resources properly. Take care of your belongings
  4. Wait for your turn. Co – operate with peers
  5. Clear the place after the activity is completed
  6. Stick to the timeframe


  1. Students are requested to walk to the assembly area quietly according to your bus route
  2. Students should board their respective buses only
  3. Own transport students should go along with their parents/guardians. (If the parents want the child to go themselves, should produce the letter to office.)
  4. Own transport students can leave the school premises only after all the buses are gone
  5. Refrain from physical contacts


  1. Ask permission before entering the room
  2. Do not enter in the absence of teacher

BREAK TIME (Milk / Snack Break)

  1. Everybody must come to receive the milk/snack
  2. Walk / stand in line
  3. Wait for your turn with patience
  4. Stand in the allotted place for milk / snack
  5. Do not waste milk / snack served.


  1. Bring your lunch towel
  2. Wash your hands before and after lunch
  3. Wait for your turn with patience
  4. Do not waste / spill the food
  5. Speak in low voice


  1. Maintain silence
  2. Follow the seating arrangements
  3. No borrowing / sharing stationary items
  4. No doubts will be clarified
  5. Once you leave the hall, you will not be allowed again
  6. Don’t write anything on the question paper
  7. Only transparent exam pads are allowed
  8. Bring only school id, writing pad and stationary materials to your assessment hall


  1. Wait for your turn
  2. Do not play with water. Save water
  3. Flush after use
  4. Wash your hands with hand wash after us
  5. Ensure that the tap is closed properly
  6. Refrain from making noise
  7. Physical contacts will not be entertained


  1. Walk only to your left
  2. Running / playing are not allowed in the corridor
  3. Do not drag / skate while walking
  4. Physical contacts will not be entertained
  5. Do not climb on the safety grills
  6. Do not rub your shoulders against the wall
  7. Do not litter the corridor
  8. Do not touch the plants
  9. Do not scribble anything on the wall / door / window
  10. Do not disturb / peep into other classes


  1. Walk in line
  2. Sit as per the librarian’s instruction
  3. Books can be taken only after the librarian’s issuance
  4. Do not tear paper / write in the library books
  5. Handover the books safely to the librarian within the allotted time
  6. Do not enter the library in the absence of librarian
  8. Kindly replace the books in assigned place
  9. Any issues in the peer group, please bring it to the knowledge of the librarian
  10. Raise your hand for any help


  1. Leave your footwear outside
  2. Sit as per the instructor.
  3. Do not use internet without the knowledge of instructor
  4. Personal pen drives / DVDs / CDs are not allowed
  5. Do not copy files from the computer. If found, you shall be liable
  6. Enter the ICT lab only in the allotted periods
  7. Maintain silence


  1. Do not enter the lab in the absence of teacher
  2. Leave your footwear outside
  3. Do not touch chemicals, specimens, cultures, glassware and other apparatus without instruction from the teacher
  4. Do not make noise / touch each other during experiments
  5. Clean the test tubes / glassware / devices used after the experiment
  6. Cultures and specimens will not be carried personally
  7. Kindly hand over the glassware / any lab equipment taken for projects
  8. Do not damage / misuse the lab equipment
  9. Handle all the lab equipment carefully
  10. Any emergency, the same must be brought to the notice of the lab instructor


  1. Stand in queue at the bus stop
  2. Stay disciplined in the bus and communicate in English
  3. Refrain from eating snacks/breakfast in the bus
  4. Do not walk in the bus when it’s moving
  5. Do not put your head or hands outside the window
  6. Do not litter/throw waste out of the window
  7. Do not scribble/scratch the seat
  8. Fighting/bullying /teasing is a punishable offense
  9. Sit in the place allotted to you
  10. Any emergency /enquiry, kindly inform the volunteers/teachers in the bus
  11. Students are responsible for their own belongings
  12. Any change in the route no. or transport stop should be intimated to school at least 2 days before in writing
  13. Parents cannot contact the driver/conductor to wait for any reasons


  1. Communicate in English at all times
  2. Students should be quietly seated in the respective places
  3. In the absence of teacher, students should involve themselves in reading story books/novels/newspapers in the morning session and reciting multiplication tables rhythmically in the afternoon session
  4. Respect your class monitor
  5. Do not sit on the desk
  6. Classroom manners:
  • Children should sit with their back straight
  • Physical contacts will not be entertained
  1. Table manners to be followed during lunch time
  2. Keep your classroom clean
  3. Classroom monitor should turn off all lights, fans, projector and monitor before leaving classroom
  4. Any kind of play inside the classroom is not permitted in the absence of teacher
  5. Do not fidget with the teaching aids facilitated in the classroom
  6. Do not leave the classroom without informing the teacher
  7. Take care of your belongings
Boys Girls
1. Low hip / pencil fit pants are not allowed.

2. Fancy accessories are not allowed.

3. Neat haircut. (No spike/gels)

4. Clean shave (Grade 9 & 10)

5. Simple watches are allowed.

6. Socks should be washed every day.

7. Nails should be trimmed.

8. Neat and pressed uniform.

9. Polish shoes every day.

10. Proper innerwear should be worn.

11. Shirts should be neatly tucked in.

1.    Students (KG – V) must wear bloomers.

2.    Proper innerwear must be worn.

3.    Grade (I-V) – 2 folded plaits. (black ribbon / clips only)

4.    Grade (VI – X) – single pony / plait. (black ribbon / clips only)

5.    Simple watches are allowed.

6.    Socks should be washed every day.

7.    Nails should be trimmed.

8.    Neat and pressed uniform.

9.    Polish shoes every day.

10. Valuable ornaments are strictly not allowed. Only simple studs are allowed.

11. Nail polishes are not allowed.

1.    Reward on the class proficiency chart.

2.    Star performer of the week.

3.    Happy Notes to parents.

4.    Recognition in the assembly.

5.    Monthly website updates on proficiency.

1.    Oral warning by the teacher.

2.    Oral warning with anecdote.

3.    Advise by school counsellor (with information to the parent)

4.    Deprive from a favourite class.

5.    Warning by Principal with information to parents.

6.    Action will be taken by the school after meeting parents.

Advaith school in Hosur is determined to promote a beautiful learning environment and our principles for a disciplined learning climate has gained widespread trust and confidence of our parents and public.