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Advaith has developed a reputation for excellence, high standards and values, founded in 2012 and inaugurated by then Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri Konijeti Rosaiah who also served as the Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Governor of Karnataka and a Member of the Indian Parliament. It was a first for Hosur to receive a Governor since Indian Independence.

For the forward thinkers, makers, debaters and creators. The pioneers who ask why. And why not. For tomorrow’s leaders; Not defined by where they have gone. But where they are yet to go.

Advaith provides first-class liberal education, the school cherishes its past while looking firmly to the future with an approach to education that is innovative and dynamic. As we face the challenges of the 21st Century, our aim is to create happy, successful, independent young citizens, who thrive on new experiences and are able to pursue their goals with confidence with the help of diverse teaching community at Advaith from over 13 states across India. With around 1350 pupils aged 2.6 – 17 years old, the school is large enough to create a ‘buzz’, yet small enough for all to flourish and get to know one another.

Advaith International Academy is a very special and extraordinary place in Hosur, 35 kilometres away from Bangalore, as you will see if you come to visit. Our pupils are grounded, real and kind but equally they are thoughtful, diligent and ambitious in their goals. So what’s different about Advaith school? Aside from the stunning state-of-the-art facilities, the outstanding academic and sporting results, passionate teachers, coaches and mentors, which most schools may boast about, Advaith focuses on the journey of each individual soul in a way that is tangibly different. At Advaith, we value their independence and strive to help them reach their potential. Advaith holds true to the belief that self-discovery is the key to success; not only do happy children learn but they also explore their strengths and weaknesses, develop resilience and face challenges with greater strength. We believe in the power of failure of taking on challenges, accepting this will mean you get some things wrong and become better people through this process of life, making it the best school in Hosur with the thirst and capacity to compete internationally.

Intellectual curiosity and academic rigour go hand in hand with independent and interdisciplinary learning. The young people of today will need to be creative thinkers, digitally proficient, adaptable, resilient, and capable of working both collaboratively and independently. The future will be powered by STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) and our pupils need to be confident and competent in all these areas. Our ground-breaking approach to education which combines rigour with exploration, focuses on a curriculum that is creative, broad and in line with that being offered by the most dynamic and successful schools.

Strong academic and pastoral care encourages students to build confidence, stretch their abilities and achieve their goals. We have a ‘no limits’ approach to our students’ learning and development that produces excellent academic and sporting results and outstanding achievements in every field. The school’s warm and friendly atmosphere makes it easy for students to settle into the school and make life-long friendships, while the ambience creates a home-from-home environment, which encourages them to develop inter-personal skills and learn to understand and respect those around them.

We are recognised as one of the top sporting schools in India for Volleyball, Football, Athletics and Basketball. Our timetabling ensures there is ample opportunity for every student to find his niche and excel in it. All our students have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of interests and enthusiasms, including academic study, music, art, drama, sport and huge range of other activities. Their achievements will be celebrated by the whole community, because we recognise that our strength comes from our diversity. Our Music and Art programs are very strong and we have an outstanding record in Drama. Advaith education is one that encompasses the whole person through a rich balance of four primary facets of school life; academics, arts, sports and leadership. Advaith has a rich tradition of sporting and musical excellence. Our boys achieve great things in a variety of sporting disciplines across Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Handball, Skating, Karate, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Tennis, Badminton and Hockey. Our sporting programs are renowned for its first-rate facilities. The same can be said of all of our other academic departments: we invest in providing the very best environment in which to enhance learning.

We offer a broad range of opportunities to students to allow them to work with like-minded pupils across the school on projects as diverse as robotics, debating, presentations, organizing and leading pupils among others.

Everyone involved in Advaith’s community agrees: it is a special place, with an ethos all of its own. That is partly a result of our well-thought out setting. It is as if history seeps from the golden stones of our buildings, giving our students a profound sense that they are part of a living tradition. But there is more to our distinctiveness than this. We are committed to providing an education for day-schooling and boarding for girls that is shaped for the twenty-first century. In this way, we create the time and space to nurture our students’ dispositions and prepare them for the future.

At the heart of our community is our commitment to the wellbeing of every member. Advaith students are kind, compassionate and caring. They look out for each other; understanding that their individual achievements are shaped by their relationships. While life at Advaith is full, with plenty to stimulate through an academic year, we strive to protect our students from some of the pressures of modern living. They are empowered and encouraged to use technology wisely, to interact with their friends and to engage with the local and international community. Above all, we preserve space in which they can simply be themselves.

There is no one type of Advaithian – we encourage individuality and our supportive and secure learning environment allows pupils to be themselves, confident in the knowledge that they will be valued by staff and peers for who they are. There are, however, certain traits that are common to all our pupils: Advaithians are confident but not arrogant, knowledgeable but not complacent, able to express their opinions but willing to listen to those of others, independent yet supportive, strong yet compassionate, principled but fun. They value what they have and they value others. They are keen to play a role in the wider world but have a strong sense of community. They are original but can work as a team.

Our students are encouraged to think big and have aspirations; we do not limit their thinking according to age or preconceptions of outcomes. The vision for the school has been to be liberal, progressive and pioneering from its very outset. Students were to be equipped with knowledge, confidence, skills and inspired to blaze a trail in any sphere.

Our pupils love coming here, our staff love working here- we are proud of our school and the education that we offer. We look forward to welcoming you in person to our school and showing you at first hand why Advaith is the most reputed, the best and a top notch school in Hosur is unique and the best above all.

Advaith is a place where our children and staff find spiritual, emotional and social happiness. Welcome and be part of your Advaith family.

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Whoever you are, or dream of becoming, Advaith will inspire your virtues, curiosity, intellect, creativity and passion